How can I contact Customer Service?

We are at your disposal to help you with whatever you need. For this we offer you different communication channels:

- Telephone: consult the section CONTACT US the customer service phone number for your region. 

Our telephone and online chat hours are:

Monday to Thursday, business days 08:30 to 18:00 (Europe, CET) / 07:30 to 17:00 (Great Britain and Portugal, GMT) / 06:00 to 12:00 (North America, GMT-4)

Business Fridays 08:30 to 14:30 (Europe, CET) / 07:30 to 13:00 (Great Britain and Portugal, GMT) / 06:00 to 08:30 (North America, GMT-4)

- Mail: send us your query to the mail of clients in your region, or to the general information mail info@globalrelax.com and we will respond to you in the shortest time possible, always within 24 hours (working days).

I have sent an email to Customer Service but I do not receive a response?

For your peace of mind, we inform you that we respond to all the messages we receive, always within a maximum period of 24 hours (working hours).

Therefore, if you do not receive our response within that period, it may be that the reply email has been redirected to the SPAM folder of your email program.

Please, check this SPAM folder to see if you received our reply mail.

If you still have not received our email, we will investigate what happened and we recommend using the other available forms of contact: online chat or telephone.

Why in the official GLOBAL RELAX store the prices are lower than those of other official distributors of your products?

In the official GLOBAL RELAX store we offer factory prices, without intermediaries. 

That is why here you will find the cheapest price of all GLOBAL RELAX products on the Internet. 

Official distributors have to pass on their additional intermediation costs, therefore their prices will be higher than those you will find in the official GLOBAL RELAX store ( www.globalrelax.com )

On the GLOBAL RELAX website there are cheaper products in the OUTLET section, what does OUTLET mean?

All the products that we commercialize in GLOBAL RELAX are new, and are sold together with their Official 2-year Warranty.

To facilitate the purchase of those customers who want to acquire a GLOBAL RELAX product at a more affordable price, we have created the OUTLET section, in which we offer products that have some defect (small aesthetic manufacturing defect: abrasion, discoloration, ... ) or that have been previously exhibited, and are reconditioned for final sale.

Outlet products are protected by the same 2-year Official Warranty as new products, and are sent in a new packaging box along with their new protection elements.

Where can I test the product before buying it? Can I go to a store?

GLOBAL RELAX is an online store so its products can only be purchased over the Internet at the official GLOBAL RELAX store (www.globalrelax.com) or at one of its authorized official distributors.

We are aware that some of you prefer to try the product you want before buying it. 

Don't worry as for all GLOBAL RELAX products you have an extended period of 30 days to try the product at home without obligation.

If during this trial period you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will take care of everything else: we will pick you up the product, and as soon as it arrives in perfect condition we will refund the amount of your purchase.

And remember that testing and returning any GLOBAL RELAX product is totally free for you. There is no cancellation or return cost for our clients.

Do you have any promotions?

If you want to know if you can take advantage of any promotion, check our official store ( www.globalrelax.com). You can also contact us by chat, phone or mail and we will be happy to inform you.

We also want to share with you a little secret: in our official store ( www.globalrelax.com) you will find GLOBAL RELAX products at the cheapest price on the Internet.  Check it 


The GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE program is a one-time program for all new GLOBAL RELAX customers. 

According to the amount of your order, you will access a certain level, through which you can enjoy exclusive discounts on future purchases, personalized after-sales service, new product launches for our customers, free extensions of the warranty period, ...

Check all the information available in the section of the EXCLUSIVE GLOBAL RELAX PROGRAM

I subscribed to the Newsletter and now I want to unsubscribe, how do I do it?

Just send us an email to info@globalrelax.com informing you that you want us to unsubscribe from the subscription newsletter, and we will confirm that we have already processed your withdrawal. 


Where can I test the products?

GLOBAL RELAX is an online store and therefore, products can only be purchased online.

Many customers have told us that they prefer to see and try the products before buying them. 

Do not worry since you have a period of 30 days to receive your order at home, test it for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied, you will return it to us without any commitment.

In which countries are the products manufactured?

We currently have assembly and service facilities for our products in Europe and North America (United States and Canada).

Does the product I have bought come with an Instruction Manual

Of course, all products are accompanied by an Instruction Manual in the language you choose at the time of purchase. 

You can choose between 9 languages through a drop-down menu that will appear on the product's purchase page: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. 

I lost the Instruction Manual for my product, how can I get it again?

Don't worry, just contact us by chat, phone or mail and we will be happy to send you a new Instruction Manual by mail.

When you contact us, inform us of the details of your purchase order, so that we can verify your product and the language in which we will send you the Instruction Manual.

How can I clean my product?

For proper maintenance of your product, we recommend that you clean it periodically with a dry cloth, to remove accumulated dust or any dry stains.

In any case, you can use a cloth slightly moistened with water, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Never use cleaning or abrasive products.

If you want to receive more maintenance advice, you can consult the Instruction Manual of your product, or contact us by chat, phone or mail.

I have a leg massager, can I take it apart for cleaning?

It will depend on the model of your leg massager. If your leg massager has zippers in the fabrics that surround the massage areas, you can undo the zippers and remove the fabrics for cleaning.

For more information, consult the Instruction Manual of your product.

What is the maximum weight of the products?

To know the maximum weight that a product supports, you can consult the product details page or consult the Instruction Manual.

If you cannot find the data or want more information, contact us by chat, phone or mail.

What material are the massage chairs upholstered with?

At GLOBAL RELAX we care about the environment. Therefore, none of the GLOBAL RELAX products contain animal tissue.

The GLOBAL RELAX massage chairs are upholstered in a fabric called PU leather, which is a double-layer polyurethane composite fabric: on a lower level there is a rough fabric that resembles the appearance of natural leather (simile), and in the upper level is made up of a transparent polyurethane film that protects the chair from external environmental conditions (dust, sunlight, ...) and facilitates cleaning in the event of stains.

Are the chairs already assembled or do they have to be assembled?

There are some models of massage chairs that are already assembled and therefore, after removing the packaging and plugging it in, and reading the instruction manual, you can immediately enjoy your first massage. 

There are other models of massage chairs that may require a few simple assembly steps before you can enjoy your first massage.

In this case, don't worry, since you have a complete Instruction Manual where we explain in detail how to assemble the chair. If you need more information contact us and we will be happy to help you install your chair by chat, phone or mail.

Also, if you wish, we can send you a video assembly tutorial, to make it even easier for you to assemble your new massage chair.

And don't worry about anything else, since the simple assembly of some of our massage chairs will not take you more than 15-20 minutes.

What are the dimensions of the massage chairs?

Te aconsejamos que antes de elegir el sillón de masaje que deseas comprar prestes especial atención a la anchura de su caja de embalaje, la cual está especificada en la página de compra de cada producto. Si tienes alguna duda contacta con nosotros.

Comprueba que la anchura de la caja de embalaje cabe perfectamente por la puerta de entrada de tu casa y de la estancia de tu casa donde deseas ubicar el sillón. La anchura media de las puertas suele ser de 80 cms. pero en algunos casos puede ser inferior, por lo que compara la anchura de la puerta de tu casa con la anchura de la caja de embalaje.

Will the massage chair fit at the front door of my home or at the door of the place where I want to place it?

Before choosing the massage chair you want to buy, we advise you to pay special attention to the width of its packaging box, which is specified on the purchase page of each product. If you have any questions contact us.

Check that the width of the packing box fits perfectly through the front door of your house and the room of your house where you want to place the armchair. The average width of the doors is usually 80 cms. but in some cases it may be less, so compare the width of the door of your house with the width of the packing box.

What is the maximum foot size supported by leg massagers?

In general, all GLOBAL RELAX leg massagers support a maximum foot size of 47 (Europe), 12 (UK), 13 (US)

I bought a fitness platform from the ZEN SHAPER range, do you have any exercise tables?

You can find many exercise charts on the Internet. 

Out of commitment to the environment, we do not include a printed exercise chart on each platform. Therefore, if you wish, we can send you by email an exercise table that we have designed for our clients.

Just contact us by chat, phone and mail, and we will be happy to send it to you.


What payment methods are available for purchase?

We want to make it easier for you to buy your product, so at GLOBAL RELAX you will find several forms of payment at your disposal. 

Simply choose the one that suits you best between Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Amazon Pay, Giropay, Sofort, iDeal, Transfer, Cash on delivery, ... and more.

To know in detail all the payment methods available in your region, please consult the section PAYMENT METHODS Or choose directly the one that suits you best on the purchase page, before confirming your order.

I have paid for my order by bank transfer, how long does it take to process and send the order?

When you pay for your order by bank transfer, it may take 1 to 3 business days for your transfer to arrive.

As soon as I arrived, we will contact you to confirm receipt of the transfer and we will communicate the details of the shipment.

If you have chosen the bank transfer as a form of payment, but have not finally made the transfer, within a maximum period of 3 days, your order will be canceled.

I want to finance my purchase, how can I do it?

At GLOBAL RELAX we want to make it easier for you to buy your product. Therefore, in some countries we can offer you financing for your product.

If you want to know if the financing of your purchase is available in your country, check the payment methods available on the purchase page, before confirming your order.

If you cannot find financing as a payment method, or you want more information, contact us by chat, phone or mail.

We remind you that you can also finance the purchase of your order if you make your purchase by card and the issuing bank of your card allows you to postpone your purchases. For more information in this case, contact your bank.

You can also finance your purchase of GLOBAL RELAX products in those internet shopping sites (marketplaces) that are authorized distributors of our products and that offer their own financing: Amazon, Aliexpress, Fnac, Carrefour, ... If you want to know which authorized distributors of GLOBAL RELAX you can buy our products and finance them, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will be happy to inform you.

I have just placed my order, how can I check that it has been processed correctly?

Moments after placing your order you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order.

If you do not receive this message in your email inbox, we recommend that you check the SPAM folder.

If you still do not receive the confirmation email of your order, contact us and we will be happy to help you and inform you about the confirmation of your order.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, you will not receive the confirmation email until we receive the transfer from your bank, which depending on the case, may take 1 to 3 working days to arrive.


What countries do you ship to?

We ship countries to any country in the world. 

Remember that we do free shipping to more than 20 countries in Europe and North America (United States and Canada).

If the country where you want to receive the order is not within the group of countries to which we send free shipping, consult the Shipping Cost Table 

If the country where you want to receive your order is not in the Shipping Cost Table, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will be happy to inform you of the shipping costs to the city you want.

What is the deadline?

Like you, at GLOBAL RELAX we want you to receive your order in the shortest time possible.

We want you to understand that the delivery times that we report are always estimated, since they depend on external factors such as weather conditions, operating conditions of the transport companies, holidays at the place of delivery, ...

Taking the above into account, the average delivery time for products under 40 kilos is 2-4 business days in Europe, and 4-7 business days in North America (United States and Canada).

For heavy products, over 40 kilos, such as massage chairs, the average delivery time is 3 to 6 business days in Europe, and 6 to 10 business days in North America (United States and Canada).

For other countries, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will be happy to inform you.

Are there some areas where the delivery time can be longer?

Indeed, there are some areas, especially islands that are not on the continents of Europe and North America, where the delivery time can be extended. 

In these cases, add 3-4 business days to the normal estimated timeframes shown in the section SHIPPING COSTS

As examples, we can cite the island of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, the Balearic and Canary Islands, the Isle of Man, the Azores islands, Hawaii, ...

How can I know at all times where the shipment of my order is?

As soon as we send you your order, we will inform you of the Transport Agency and the follow-up tracking.

If you want to know the current status of the shipment, check it on the carrier's website.

If you can't check it or have any questions about the status of the shipment, don't worry and contact GLOBAL RELAX. We will be delighted to help you.

What do I do if I detect a delay or problem in the delivery of my order?

If you detect any delay or an incident in the delivery status of your order, contact us so that we can resolve the incident or delay as soon as possible.

Once we contact the carrier, we will contact you again to inform you of the solution to the incident or delay.

In any case, don't worry about checking the status of your shipment, as we monitor all ongoing shipments from our customers on a daily basis to check that everything is fine.

What happens if I am not at home when the order is delivered?

Do not worry if you are not at home at the time of delivery, since the carrier can make another delivery attempt or leave your order at a collection point so that you can pick it up whenever you want.

Likewise, as in GLOBAL RELAX we monitor your shipment on a daily basis, if we detect that there has been an unsuccessful delivery attempt, we will contact you by email to inform you of the available options.

Is the order delivered inside the house?

For reasons of health and safety of our clients and carriers, the order can only be delivered to the door of the house. Transportation agencies do not allow home delivery.

If you live in an individual house or chalet, the carrier will deliver the order to the front door of your house.

If your delivery address is part of a building of flats or a community of owners, the carrier will deliver the order to the main door of the building, at street level (for large products, such as massage chairs), or at the main door of your apartment (for medium and small products)

If you want more information about the delivery, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Can you deliver the massage chair to me inside my home even by hiring a special delivery?

For reasons of hygiene and safety, at this time no transport company makes special deliveries of bulky packages within the home. 

Deliveries will always be made at the front door of the house, and if it is an apartment building, deliveries will be made at the front door of the building. 

What do I do if when I receive my order I see that it has some damage?

If at the time of receiving your order you notice that the packaging box has any external damage (it is open, has considerable damage, is deformed, has holes, ...) it is important that you state this on the delivery note that you sign to the carrier. 

If the transport does not have a paper delivery note, but an electronic terminal, tell them to state in the electronic terminal that the package is damaged at the time of delivery.

It is important to follow these instructions to be able to claim the carrier for damage during shipping. Outside of these indications, no claim can be made for possible damages suffered during transport.

Exceptionally, if you did not follow these instructions during delivery, we can file a claim for damage during transport within the first 24 hours from receipt of the product. Outside of this period, it will be impossible to claim for damage during transport, and from that moment on you will be responsible for the state of the product.

I live in Europe but my order is a gift that I want to send to the United States, how can I do it?

When you fill in the information to complete your order, fill in the billing information and, on the other hand, the shipping information where you want to send your order. 

It does not matter that you reside in one country and want to send your order to a different country. 

Remember that we have free shipping to more than 20 countries, most of the European Union countries, as well as the United States and Canada. 

If you want to send your order to another country different from the above, check the costs in the section SHIPPING COSTS

In which countries can there be customs charges for receiving my order and who pays these charges?

Orders are shipped from our facilities in the European Union or North America (United States / Canada).

Therefore, if the country where you want to receive your order does not belong to the European Union or North America, the shipment could be subject to customs procedures.

However, you do not have to worry about anything, since the customs costs associated with transport will be paid by GLOBAL RELAX. Likewise, if the presentation of any documentation is required as sellers, we will take care of everything. And if any documentation is required from you, we will keep you informed.

On the other hand, if according to the tax regulations of the country where you want to receive your order, the payment of a local tax will originate, it must be your responsibility as a taxpayer in that country.


How do I get my Purchase Invoice?

As soon as your order is sent, the Purchase Invoice can be consulted and downloaded through your GLOBAL RELAX Customer Area.

If you cannot find it or have difficulties to obtain it, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and we will send it to you quickly.

I have a business and I want to deduct the purchase from my order, how do I do it?

We issue all Sales Invoices in accordance with tax regulations. If you want the Sales Invoice to include information other than the delivery information, you can specify them in the "Billing Information" section that you will find on the purchase page.

Depending on the country where you want to receive your order, the VAT that appears itemized on the Invoice may vary:

- According to European regulations, until June 2024, the VAT of the seller's country of origin will appear broken down. As GLOBAL RELAX is a taxpayer in the UK (20%), Germany (19%), France (20%), Italy (22%) and Spain (21%), local VAT will be applied for buyers from each of these countries. For buyers from the rest of the countries of the European Union we will apply the average rate of 21%.

As of July 2024, the current VAT of each country where your order is delivered will appear broken down.

- For the rest of countries outside the European Union, no VAT will appear on the Invoice since VAT only applies in Europe.

- In the case of North America (United States and Canada), VAT is not applied either. In the event that any sales tax should accrue, we settle them directly with the carrier, so your Invoice will appear without any applied tax.

I am a professional / company and I have a valid intra-community VAT number, how can I obtain a VAT Invoice?

On the purchase page of your order, within the Billing Data section, you will find the section "Intracommunity VAT number".

Enter your intra-community VAT number and we will verify its validity in the VIES public census of the European Union. If it is correct, we will apply the VAT exemption on the invoice of your purchase.

If you need more information on this matter, contact us via chat, phone or mail, and we will be happy to help you.


How long does the Warranty of my product last?

We want to remind you that all GLOBAL RELAX products are protected by a 2-Year Official Warranty against any manufacturing defect.

The initial and final validity date of the Official Guarantee will appear on the Sales Invoice.

Likewise, if you have purchased your product with the Warranty Extension, the total Warranty period will be 5 years, that is, the initial 2 years of the official Warranty, plus the additional 3 years of the Warranty Extension.

The initial and final dates of the Official Warranty, plus those of the Warranty Extension, will appear on the Sales Invoice.

When I bought my order I did not include the Warranty Extension and now I do want to buy it, how can I do it?

You can buy the Warranty Extension at the time of placing your order, adding the 5-year Warranty Extension option on the product purchase page. 

If you did not do so at the time of purchasing your product, you have a maximum period of 30 days to separately purchase the Warranty Extension through the page of WARRANTY

If more than 30 days have passed since you purchased the product and you make the purchase of the Warranty Extension, the Extension will be automatically canceled and we will refund the amount of the Warranty Extension within 3-5 days. 

I have mistakenly bought a type of Warranty Extension that does not correspond to my product, how can I solve it?

On the page of WARRANTY You have all the information about the different Warranty Extension options that you can buy. 

If you have mistakenly purchased a type of Warranty Extension that does not correspond to your product, contact us by chat, phone or mail and we will help you solve it. 

If you do not realize the purchase of a wrong Warranty Extension as soon as we receive your order, we will contact you to inform you of the error and how to solve it. 

What does the Warranty cover?

The Official Warranty covers any technical manufacturing defect of the product. In other words, if the product suffers a technical failure during the warranty period, its repair would be covered by GLOBAL RELAX.

On the contrary, if the product has suffered a breakdown or damage due to a negligent use by a person (water spill, scrapes, abrasions, blows, scratches, ...) the Guarantee is no longer valid.

My product has broken down. How do I use the Warranty?

If your product has suffered a technical breakdown within the warranty period, you only have to contact us by chat, phone or email and inform us in detail of what is happening. 

We will take care of everything else: we will send you a shipping label so that you can send the product to our Technical Service, we will repair it and we will return it repaired in the shortest possible time.

And if it is not possible to repair it, we will deliver a totally new product.

Also, if you wish, you can contact us at any time so that we can inform you of the current status of the repair of your product. We will be happy to inform you.

My product has broken down, but the Warranty period has already passed, how can I repair it?

Of course. If your product has been damaged but the warranty period has already expired, don't worry, we can help you.

First of all, contact us by chat, phone or mail, and explain in detail the fault of your product.

In the event that the Warranty period has already ended, we will inform you of the repair estimate that includes shipping and return costs, as well as the repair itself. If you agree with the budget, after receiving the payment for it, we will take care of the collection of your damaged product and its repair.

If during the repair any additional fault is detected that was not communicated at the time of making the initial estimate, we would have to invoice you for the additional cost.

My massage chair has broken down, is the repair done at home or does it have to be sent elsewhere?

Depending on the complexity of the fault and your city of residence, we may send our authorized technical staff to your home, or we will have to collect your massage chair and bring it to our technical facilities.

In the event that our technical staff comes to your home, they will notify you in advance to set the day and time of the visit.

If we have to collect the massage chair from you, the carrier will contact you to organize the collection. Keep in mind that when the carrier arrives, you must have the chair perfectly packed and protected with a cardboard box placed on a wooden pallet, to avoid damage during transport.

Therefore, we remind you of the recommendation to keep the original packing box and pallet for a long time.


I want to return my order, how is the return policy?

If you are not finally satisfied with your order, you don't have to worry about anything.

Simply contact us by chat, phone, or email within the 30-day period you have to test the product, and tell us that you want to return your order.

Pack the product in its original packaging box, along with all its accessories, and affix the return label to the outside of the box. 

We will take care of organizing the collection of the order at your home (for bulky products), or deposit it at one of the collection points of the carrier near your home.

And remember that at GLOBAL RELAX there are no cancellation or return costs. It is totally free for you.

The return is free of charge when the customer exercises the right of withdrawal during the 30-day trial period, which starts on the day of receipt of the product.

If the customer rejects the product before delivery, the shipping and return costs will exceptionally be deducted from the order, and the refund will therefore be partial.

What is the return period?

As GLOBAL RELAX products can only be purchased online, we offer you an extensive 30-day trial period so that you can enjoy them without obligation.

If you are not finally satisfied with your order and want to return it, contact us by chat, phone or mail, within 30 days of receiving the order at home, and tell us that you want to return it.

And we remind you that in GLOBAL RELAX there are no cancellation or return costs of the order.

I want to return my order, how should I prepare the product?

Once you have requested to return your order, place the product together with all its accessories in the original packaging box. 

It also properly places all the original protection elements (corks, plastics, ...) to prevent the product from being damaged during transport.

In the case of massage chairs, you should also place the wooden pallet under the box for proper transportation back.

To obtain a full refund of your purchase, we must receive the product in perfect condition together with all the elements you received (original packaging box, protection elements, wooden pallet, ...). 

For this reason, we recommend that you keep the original packaging box and all its protection elements during the 30-day trial you have to return the order. 

If you return your order without any original protection element, it could suffer some damage during transport and this would entail the application of a penalty for having received the returned product damaged. 

I have already returned my product in perfect condition, how do I get my refund?

Once we receive in our facilities the returned product in perfect condition with all its accessories and its original protection elements, we will immediately proceed to send you the full refund of your purchase to the same payment method that you used in your purchase. However, some payment method entities (PayPal, Klarna, Bank cards ...) may charge a small refund fee, ranging from 1 to 4% of the amount of the purchase. In these cases, you will receive a refund of the amount of your purchase minus the small refund fee applied by the payment method you used for your purchase.

Keep in mind that the amount of the refund may be late in being reflected in your means of payment within a period of 3 to 5 working days. 

Refunds are only accepted for products returned in perfect condition. In the case of additional services contracted that entail an additional cost at the time of placing an order, such as the Premium Special Delivery Service, neither the return nor the refund will be admitted, since being a service, it is planned, organised and consumed at the time of sending the product from origin, regardless of whether the customer accepts or rejects the delivery of the product at destination.