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KRONOS (5D - Limited Edition)



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KRONOS® Massage Chair (5D - Limited Edition)

Available colours: Black and Brown

Brown colour: immediate delivery

Black colour: delivery from 25th March in order of receipt of orders

  • 4D massage chair
  • Intelligent body scanning system
  • 5 massage programmes 3 memory programmes (M3)
  • 5 intensity levels and 3 speed levels
  • 74 pressure therapy injectors
  • Thermotherapy up to 40ºC - 50ºC
  • Carbon fibre infrared in the lumbar area
  • Aromatherapy system
  • Light therapy/Phototherapy by starry sky
  • Hinged capsule
  • 3D Digital Surround Sound
  • Bluetooth
  • "Zero" Gravity
  • "Zero" Space
  • Turn at the waist
  • Footrest extendable up to 8 inches.
  • Ambient LED lighting
  • LCD control unit
  • Quick control panel on the armrest
  • USB recharge port for phones or tablets
  • User Manual in English
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  • Chocolate
  • Black
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Light Therapy/Phototherapy

Blue light therapy promotes relaxation to synchronise your natural biological rhythm, improving the quantity and quality of sleep.


The aromatherapy function offers additional benefits to treat health problems such as headaches, stress, tension and promotes sleep.

3D sound speakers

You can enjoy a full massage session while listening to your favorite music by linking your devices via Bluetooth


Enjoy a massage with heat in the lumbar area that will help relieve pain and relax the muscles by improving blood circulation.

What kind of massage does the 4D chair offer?

The massage train has an ergonomic "SL" shape that adapts perfectly to your back and moves from the cervical area to the thigh area, and the rollers move up and down and back and forth

What does "aromatherapy" offer?

Aromatherapy does not "cure" serious diseases, pathologies, rashes or ailments, but it can improve psychological well-being, through the smell of essential oils

What does "light therapy" offer?

This therapy is especially effective for people who have to go to bed early and get up very early, based on the use of artificial light to help them sleep better.

How many massage programs does it offer?

With a wide range of massages to choose from: relaxing, full body, shoulders-neck, back-waist, buttocks, fatigue recovery, traction, comfort, stretching.

Does the massage chair require assembly?as de masaje?

No. Only the footrest and both armrests need to be assembled, and both are easy to assemble.

Disfrute con TOTAL TRANQUILIDAD de su compra, ya que todos los productos de GLOBAL RELAX están cubiertos por una GARANTÍA OFICIAL de 5 AÑOS sobre defectos de fabricación, en cumplimiento de la legislación europea (Directiva 1999/44/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 25 de mayo de 1999, sobre determinados aspectos de la venta y las garantías de los bienes de consumo)

Los productos de GLOBAL RELAX se fabrican bajo estrictos estándares de calidad. En GLOBAL RELAX tenemos TOTAL CONFIANZA en nuestros productos, razón por la cual deseamos ofrecer a nuestros Clientes la posibilidad de disfrutar de una Extensión de la Garantía inicial por un período adicional de 5 AÑOS, con numerosas ventajas adicionales

  • SMART BODY SCANNING SYSTEM: The KRONOS® massage chair performs an automatic adjustment of the massage system in the back area to adjust the massage points to your body (shoulder width and height) - Massage heads that simulate a massage hand, which gathers information on the contours of your back to adjust and personalise the massage action simulating a professional massager
  • “ZERO” GRAVITY and "ZERO" SPACE / TURN AT THE WAIST: "Zero" Gravity allows you to recline completely, reaching a maximum relaxation similar to being in a float - "Zero" Space, allows you to completely extend the massage chair, needing only 2 inches of separation from the wall, saving space in your home - Turn at the waist presses the waist to turn creating a function of torsion massage, which relieves the sedentary and releases tension in the muscles
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE PROGRAMMES / 74 AIR INJECTORS FOR PRESSOTHERAPY: Choose from 6 professional massage programmes and 3 memory modes - 5 intensity levels and 5 speed levels are adjustable - With the air pressure therapy system (74 injectors distributed throughout the body, with 3 intensity levels), you will receive a deep massage on arms, legs or feet, or on the whole body - Footrest extendable up to 8 inches to adapt to any height of the user
  • 3D BLUETOOTH SURROUND SOUND / THERMOTHERAPY / LIGHT THERAPY / AROMATHERAPY: Enjoy your massage session while listening to your favourite music by linking your devices via Bluetooth - Enjoy a heat massage (40-50ºC) using infrared carbon fibre in the lumbar area - Receive a relaxing light therapy session thanks to the exclusive folding capsule of the KRONOS® chair which emulates a starry sky - Aromatherapy system
  • BRITISH QUALITY / USB: Sold by Global Relax UK – KRONOS® Electric Reclining Massage Chairs are covered by an OFFICIAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Optional: Extended Warranty PLUS 5 YEARS (2+3 years) – User Manual in English – LED ambient lighting on the armrest – Conveniently operate any function with the LCD control pad or quick buttons control panel on the armrest – Recharge your phone or Tablet via the USB port on the armrest


At Global Relax we are aware of the well-being of people, the care of their body, their maintenance and relaxation. Many are the people who do not have moments to take care of themselves throughout the day and this is where the Global Relax body massagers come in, which bring you the daily possibility of a general rest of the body and stress relief.

Massage devices are perfect complements for professional physiotherapists. They do not seek to replace them, they seek to complement them, while increasing the well-being of people. The KRONOS® massage chair is the most advanced in its category, it combines all massage and relationship techniques such as light therapy, thermotherapy, oxygen ion generator and aromatherapy plus an intelligent massage system with a 3D mechanism adjustable to anyone regardless of your size and weight you will always receive a unique and personalized massage according to your needs


  • Type of massage: Kneading, pressure points (foot reflexology), guasha massage, Shiatzu, clapping
  • Massage Areas: Intelligent 3D massage mechanism for shoulders, back, arms, hands, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet
  • Main functions: Light therapy, back / foot thermotherapy, oxygen ion generator and aromatherapy
  • Operation mode: Remote control, mobile or tablet application and control panel with manual buttons.


  • It helps with blood circulation
  • The massage consists of squeezing and rolling to stimulate your entire body with different massage modes to achieve a state of maximum relaxation and muscle recovery
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Helps relieve pain, fatigue, and muscle tension
  • Helps recovery after exercise or work, in the same way improves metabolism


  • This product is designed with a set of 3D smart massagers that can move in different positions (up, down, lateral movement, forward and back) silently
  • The chair has an automatic detection function and micro-adjustment of shoulder position, body curve and automatic detection function of acupressure points for massage, automatically adjust the amount of front and rear extension of the mechanical hand according to with the detected body curve and the acupressure point, so that the massage is more personalized and technical
  • It has automatic massage function: six types of automatic massage functions such as Meridian Relaxation, Hip and Buttock Shaping, Sleeping Massage, Neck and Shoulder Relaxation, Back Stretch and Breathing Conditioning
  • There are three special massage functions: Blue Light Phototherapy, Aromatherapy, Taoist SPA Therapy and Music
  • There are three types of custom storage functions: Custom Storage I, Custom Storage II, Custom Storage III
  • The upper body active selection massage function manually selects the massage mode from five types of massage position such as: full / partial stroke, fixed point, upper back, lower back, shoulders
  • Six types of massage: grasp, knead, percussion / clapping, acupressure / shiatsu, kneading + simultaneous clapping and 3D massage. Each massage mode has five speeds that can be adjusted; In clapping and shiatsu massage mode, the mechanical massage ball has 5 adjustable width levels
  • The chair is provided with a pressure massage function: arm air pressure massage function (8 built-in air bags), upper arm pressure massage function (4 built-in air bags), back pressure massage function (4 built-in airbags), leg pressure massage function (24 built-in airbags), foot pressure massage function (18 built-in compact airbags), pressure massage function on both sides of the cushion ( 12 built-in airbags), seat cushion pressure massage function (4 built-in airbags), and three levels of pressure intensity adjustment
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Enjoy with TOTAL RELIEF of your purchase, as all GLOBAL RELAX products are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 5 YEARS on manufacturing defects, in compliance with European legislation (Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 25, 1999, on certain aspects of the sale and guarantees of consumer goods).   

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GLOBAL RELAX products are manufactured under strict quality standards. At GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, which is why we wish to offer our Customers the possibility of enjoying an extension of the Initial Guarantee for an additional period of 5 YEARS, with numerous additional advantages.