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Massage Chair GURU & Foot massager VITALZEN MINI

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For a complete massage, complement the GURU Chair with the VITALZEN MINI Foot Massager.

GURU Massage Chair  (2023 new model)

  • The mehanism of the Guru massage chair, is composed of two massage rollers, designed to move vertically (2D massage system)
  • Designed with 3 different massage modes (kneading, tapping and synchronization of both of them siultaneously), which help to relax of the muscles of the upper and lower body
  • Timer for massage: 15, 20, 30 minutes
  • Includes 3 auto massage functions. Likewise, you can manually choose in a simple way, what kind of massage and where do you want to apply it.
  • The electric massage chair allows you to enjoy a playback music system with a pair of 3D digital speakers on your shoulders. You can choose the most relaxing songs thanks to the Bluetooth and enjoy an enveloping sound for the relaxation of your mind-spirit (shen)

VITALZEN® MINI Foot massager (2023 new model)

  • Multi-functional massage 360
  • 3 massage programmes (rolling, Shiatsu and kneading)
  • Vibro-massage system
  • Specialised foot reflexology massage
  • Massage with pressure
  • Massage with thermotherapy 
  • 5 intensity levels
  • Removable fabric cover
  • Easy access control panel
  • Remote control
  • Instruction Manual in English
  • Red
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GURU Massage Chair  (2021 new model)

Product Description

At Global Relax we are aware of the well-being of people, body care and relaxation. Most of us don’t have time enough to take care of ourselves everyday. Is at this point where our massage chairs come in, giving you the daily possibility of a general rest and stress relief.
Massage devices work as a perfect complement for professional physiotherepaists, not to replace them, just as a complement to increase and improve the people wellness.
Guru massage chair, is more than a massage chair, is the perfect mix between a modern and elegant design and comfort with an affordable price. Likewise, its design will allow you to place it anywhere in your house or office. You can combine your lifestyle with a pleasant proffessional massage, which you can configurate with any of its 3 massage modes or even doing it by yourelf, choosing the area, mode, time and intensity.
The Guru massage chair has a control panel located on the side. This feature allows us to control the chair functions easily and efficiently.


The Guru chair includes 3 massage modes in auto mode (preset) and 3 others on the manual mode. Besides the DEMO mode.

Automatic modes:

  • Auto Mode: Full body massage (Full body)
  • Auto Mode II: Upper body massage
  • Auto Mode III: Lower body massage

Manual modes:

  • Kneading: bidirectional and unidirectional
  • Tapping: Tapping intensity choosing, strong or soft
  • Massage location adjustment: rollers scrolling from the bottom to the top

Demonstration mode (Shown as DEMO at the control panel). Preset for a 5 minutes massage along the whole body

Other features

  • Presotherapy air massage function: buttocks air massage and 3 optional levels
  • Customizable option and intesity adjustment
  • The massage and relax chair includes a Bluetooth connection with the music player, allowing you to select the song you want to hear
  • Includes an extra cushion to regulate the hardness of the seat
  • USB port on the right side, so you can charge mobile devices (tablet, phone,…)


  • Muscles relaxation on the upper and lower body
  • Muscle tension relief
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Helps to fall asleep
  • Stress relief

VITALZEN® MINI Foot massager (new model 2021)

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL 360 ° MASSAGE / PRESSOTHERAPY: The VITALZEN MINI® massager has a 360 ° roller and pressure system that ensures that no part of your feet will be left without receiving a complete and relaxing massage - The rollers work independently and adapt to each part of your foot - Massage with air pressure that fully envelops the foot, with 5 intensity levels that can be adjusted according to your preference 

  • 3 MODES OF MASSAGE / REFLEXOTERAPY: You will receive a comprehensive massage that combines 3 massage modes: rolling, Shiatsu and kneading - Perform a pressure point massage on the feet based on the foot reflexology technique to eliminate pain in different body parts providing a natural analgesic effect 

  • THERMOTHERAPY / REMOVABLE FABRIC COVERS: The infrared heat function provides a constant, calming and safe temperature for your feet, accelerates the blood circulation and the muscle tissue repair process, relieving pain and muscle tension faster resulting in a more relaxing massage - Removable fabric covers (with zip) facilitate cleaning and hygiene of the product to keep it in optimal condition

  • DESIGN / CONTROL PANEL / REMOTE CONTROL: Nice oval design, light and easily manageable by anyone - The control panel is accessible so that you can take advantage of all available functions in your foot massager - The remote control allows the user to have full control without hardly moving, especially for the elderly 

  • BRITISH QUALITY: Sold by Global Relax UK - VITALZEN MINI® massagers are covered by an OFFICIAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Optional: Extended Warranty PLUS 5 YEARS (2+3 years) – User Manual in English - VITALZEN MINI® massager dimensions: 35 x 35 x 21 cm. - Weight: 5 kg. - Packaging box dimensions: 46 x 39 x 26 cm.


At Global Relax we are aware of the well-being of people, the care of their body, their maintenance and their relaxation. There are many people who do not have moments to take care of themselves throughout the day and this is where Global Relax body massagers come in, which bring you the daily possibility of a body general rest and stress relief.

Massage devices are perfect complements for professional physiotherapists. They do not seek to replace them, they seek to complement them, while increasing the well-being of people. The VITALZEN MINI® leg massager is specially designed to massage the feet, covering and adapting to all parts of your feet thanks to the 360 ° roller system.

The applied technique of pressure kneading, rolling and reflexotherapy will allow you to relieve pain and muscle fatigue, as well as stimulate different body points to improve your health thanks to the foot reflexology mode.


  • Type of massage: Kneading, pressure points (reflexotherapy)
  • Massage Areas: feet.
  • Main functions: Massage by kneading and stimulation of pressure points on the soles of the feet using foot reflexology techniques
  • Mode of operation: Control panel arranged intuitively for better use by the user and remote control that allows the user to have total control without hardly moving


  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Relieves pain and fatigue effectively.
  • Massage therapy for the whole family.
  • Acupressure massage targets the reflex points on the feet and the feet soles, achieving a positive reflexology effect.
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