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ZEN SHAPER 3D® Oscillating Vibration Fitness Platform (2023 new model)

  • Aesthetic body conditioning table 
  • 3D Multidirectional Oscillating Motion
  • Multiple body positions
  • Bluetooth speakers and music 
  • Equipped with elastic and fitness tensioning straps to perform a multitude of exercises
  • Remote control for easy use
  • LCD control panel
  • Double steel frame for rigidity
  • Instruction manual in English
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  • DESIGN: The double steel frame gives you rigidity and its ergonomic shape is perfectly adapted to perform a workout with multiple variations depending on your body position

  • TYPE OF TRAINING: Multi-directional oscillating movement, the ZEN SHAPER 3D platform allows you to train your muscles using your reflexes and balance thanks to the oscillating movement, by applying tension and variations in your posture you can maximise the results of your training

  • BENEFITS OF TRAINING: Oscillating training with the ZEN SHAPER 3D platform will allow you to deeply stimulate muscle tissue, reduce fat accumulation, restore muscle elasticity and sculpt your body without impact exercises on your joints, reducing the risk of injury

  • REMOTE CONTROL: The remote control makes it easy to use so that you can carry out your exercise sessions without stopping

  • SAFETY AND EUROPEAN QUALITY: Active safety system against overvoltage, overheating and anti-slip supports. Sold by Global Relax España - English Instruction Manual - The ZEN SHAPER 3D® massager is covered by an OFFICIAL 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Optional: Extension of the 5 ALOS PLUS WARRANTY (2+3 Years)


At Global Relax we are aware of people's wellbeing, the care of their body, its maintenance and relaxation. Many people do not have time to take care of themselves during the day and this is where the Global Relax body massagers come in. They bring you the daily possibility of a general rest of the body and relief from stress.

The massage devices are perfect complements for professional physiotherapists. They are not intended to replace them, but to complement them, while increasing people's well-being. The ultra-thin ZEN SHAPER 3D platform will allow you to perform a complete exercise session without impacting your joints or risking injury compared to conventional forms of training, achieving an improvement in your physical condition thanks to the multi-directional oscillating movement.


The ZEN SHAPER 3D entertaining platform allows you to train your muscles using your reflexes and balance in a simple and convenient way. The ZEN SHAPER 3D trainer achieves best results when you are in a contraction position such as squatting and your muscles work to stabilize and maintain the posture. 

When the platform oscillates quickly your muscles automatically move to maintain the posture, therefore, exercising your muscles is really efficient if you use it in one of the positions shown, you can get better results if you flex your knees or arms (depending on whether you support with your arms or legs) your muscles will automatically adopt the described movement.


  • Fat reduction
  • Pain relief and fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulation of muscle tissue
  • Increases muscle flexibility and elasticity
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Enjoy with TOTAL RELIEF of your purchase, as all GLOBAL RELAX products are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 5 YEARS on manufacturing defects, in compliance with European legislation (Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 25, 1999, on certain aspects of the sale and guarantees of consumer goods).   

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GLOBAL RELAX products are manufactured under strict quality standards. At GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, which is why we wish to offer our Customers the possibility of enjoying an extension of the Initial Guarantee for an additional period of 5 YEARS, with numerous additional advantages.