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ZEN SHAPER® BALANCE Multi-exercise Fitness Platform (model 2023)

  • Aesthetic body conditioning table 
  • Multidirectional swinging movement
  • Swinging central rotation
  • Multiple body positions
  • Elastic tightening ropes
  • Multi-exercise design
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Instruction manual in English 
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  • BALANCING MOVEMENT: The ZEN SHAPER BALANCE platform allows you to improve your balance as well as your neuromuscular system thanks to its rocking movement. In this way, it favors not only the best execution of your training, but also prevents injuries.
  • TRAINING BENEFITS: Multi-exercise training performed with the ZEN SHAPER BALANCE platform will allow you to increase body stability as well as sports performance. If your balance and stability is strong, it saves your energy in executing the movements and facilitates the flexibility of your muscles during the movement.
  • COORDINATION: The rocking movement of the ZEN SHAPER BALANCE platform helps you improve the coordination of your movements, thus facilitating the ability to react and preventing injuries.
  • DESIGN: Made with ultra-resistant and lightweight materials, the ZEN SHAPER BALANCE is designed to withstand multiple exercises. At the same time, its reduced size and weight will allow you to transport your training platform wherever you want. Balancing system to increase the stability of the body.
  • EUROPEAN QUALITY: Sold by Global Relax – ZEN SHAPER® BALANCE platforms are covered by an OFFICIAL 2-YEAR WARRANTY - Optional: 5-YEAR PLUS WARRANTY extension (2 + 3 Years) – Instruction Manual in Enghlish – Platform dimensions ZEN SHAPER® BALANCE: 34.5 x 71.5 x 19.5 cm. – Weight: 6 kg.


At Global Relax we are aware of the well-being of people, the care of their body, its maintenance and relaxation. Many are the people who do not have time to take care of themselves throughout the day and this is where the Global Relax body massagers come in, which bring you the daily possibility of a general rest of the body and stress relief.

Massage devices are perfect complements for professional physiotherapists. They do not seek to replace them, they seek to complement them, while increasing people's well-being. The ZEN SHAPER BALANCE rotating platform will allow you to perform a complete multi-exercise session without impact on your joints or risk of injury compared to conventional forms of training, improving your physical condition.


The ZEN SHAPER BALANCE training platform allows you to train your muscles and your coordination using your reflexes and balance in a simple and convenient way that won't take your breath away. Dynamic balance improves the strength of your muscles, which seek to maintain stability during movement, and allows you to increase your own body awareness.


  • Improves the coordination of your movements.
  • Strengthens the neuromuscular system and increases the stability of the body.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Stimulation of muscle tissue.
  • Increases potential and sports performance.
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GLOBAL RELAX products are manufactured under strict quality standards. At GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, which is why we wish to offer our Customers the possibility of enjoying an extension of the Initial Guarantee for an additional period of 5 YEARS, with numerous additional advantages.