No. WARRANTY: _____________ / 201__ SALES INVOICE Nº: ______________ / 201__

CLIENT NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF DELIVERY / BEGINNING: ___ of __________________ of 201__ / DATE END WARRANTY: __ of __________ of 201__ PRODUCT: _________________________________________________ COLOR: _____________________ SERIAL NO: ________________


OBJECT.- According to Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999 on certain aspects of the sale and guarantees of consumer goods, and in accordance with R.D. Legislative 1/2007, of November 16, approving the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, GLOBAL RELAX, sl. Guarantees for two years from the date of purchase, operation Of the product described in this Warranty Document, against any manufacturing defect in the materials and workmanship used for its manufacture.

COVERAGE.- During the Warranty period, accessories or components of the product that do not function correctly under normal circumstances and applications (according to the technical specifications of the product) will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

COMMUNICATION.- Any defect detected should be reported immediately to solve the problem in time. In any case, the maximum time to communicate a defect will be two months from the appearance of the same, in order to avoid major problems. Once this time has elapsed, for reasons exclusively due to the Customer, this warranty on manufacturing defects will be invalidated.

PROCEDURE.- In case of need of repair of the product, the Customer must go exclusively to the Official Technical Services (recognized and licensed by GLOBAL RELAX, s.l.).

The product must be returned in its original packaging or similar characteristics to it. In case of not using a suitable packaging and the product undergoes a defect during the transport, the Guarantee will be invalidated for the said product.

In the event that the product shipped under Warranty is not defective, the Customer will pay the handling and transportation costs that may be generated.

TIME OF REPAIR.- GLOBAL RELAX undertakes to deliver the product in the time strictly necessary for its repair. It will not assume any responsibility in case of delay of the service due to force majeure.

Therefore, responsibilities arising from delays in the replacement, repair of defective parts, as well as transportation or displacement costs will be exempt.

Likewise, no liability will be accepted as a result of the losses caused, decrease or loss of profit as well as other damages derived.

EFFECTIVENESS OF THE WARRANTY.- In order to enforce this Guarantee on manufacturing defect, the Customer must present it sealed by the commercial establishment where it was purchased, and if it does not have it, must present the Original Purchase Bill, duly stamped and signed.


1.When this Document or the Sales Invoice shows clear signs of having been altered in the original data set forth in them.

2. When the use, care and operation of the product have not been carried out in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Instruction Manual.

3. The Warranty will be invalidated if the product is modified, incorrectly used or installed, damaged by negligence or accident, as well as by any manipulation of the user during installation or replacement.

4. This Warranty does not include the installation as well as damages derived from it caused by the Customer.

5. When the product has been used outside its optimum operating environment, mistreated, struck, exposed to moisture and / or direct sunlight, fallen, direct action of fire, sudden blows, liquid spillage Or corrosive substance, as well as for any other negligence of use attributable to the consumer.

6. The use of improper and / or prohibited accessories by the Manufacturer.

7. When the product has been disassembled, modified, manipulated or repaired by the Customer or third parties not authorized by GLOBAL RELAX.

8. When the product has suffered a rise / fall of voltage, short circuit, ... or any other electrical malfunction, having caused any type of damage to the electronic components of the product.

9. When the fault is caused by wear of the parts due to normal and continuous use. They can be mentioned as examples: discolouration, erosions, scratches, scratches ..., due to a daily and continuous use, on the plastic surfaces of the massagers, the skin of the massage chairs, etc ...

10. No liability will be assumed for the specific applications of each client as well as for damages derived from other compatible products or equipment to which they may be connected.

11. The maximum responsibility will be limited to the number of defective parts of manufacture, and to the total amount according to the price invoiced.

12. There will be no coverage other than those expressly mentioned in the previous points. No other verbal or written guarantee other than the one expressed herein will be acknowledged by GLOBAL RELAX

EFFECT.- The Warranty due to defect of manufacture will commence on the same day of delivery, and will have a maximum duration of 2 YEARS (24 months) under Community Directive 1999/44 / EC, and LGDCU, According to RDL 1/2007, of 16 November.

RECIPIENT.- The Guarantee is addressed only to the Contractor (contractual party) included in this Document, which will be the same that appears in the Sales Invoice and, therefore, only the Owner may demand the same.

Global Relax, S.L. Will not be responsible for meeting requests from third parties who have not directly acquired the property through Global Relax, S.L. And / or that do not appear in this Document or in the Sales Invoice.

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