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HULA HOOP® - Intelligent Fitness Ring 

  • Waist and abdomen shaping massage
  • Digital counting display
  • Adjustable size
  • 360° magnetic massage
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance
  • Instruction manual in English
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  • WAIST AND ABDOMEN SHAPING MASSAGE: Shape your waist and strengthen your abdomen with the new Smart Fitness Ring. 
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: It contains a total of 16 adjustable parts that can be easily attached / detached for a perfect fit of the Smart Fitness Ring to your waist. It is easy to disassemble giving you the ability to use it anywhere: at home, at the gym, at work.
  • DIGITAL COUNTING SCREEN: The Fitness Ring incorporates a digital counting display that helps you track the number of laps of exercise, calories burned, exercise time, and other relevant information. This way you can control the intensity of the exercise.
  • 360º MAGNETIC MASSAGE: Relieve back pain and eliminate fatigue with its soft 360º magnetic massage points. 
  • EUROPEAN QUALITY: Sold by Global Relax - OFFICIAL GUARANTEE of 5 YEARS - Optional: Extension of GUARANTEE PLUS 10 YEARS (5 + 5 Years). For more information contact Global Relax Customer Service - Instruction Manual in English - Dimensions: 40 x 8 x 13 cms. - Weight 1,2 kgs.


At Global Relax we are aware of people's well-being, body care, maintenance and relaxation. Many are the people who do not have moments to take care of themselves throughout the day and this is where the Global Relax body massagers come in, which bring you the daily possibility of a general rest of the body and stress relief.

Massage devices are perfect complements for professional physiotherapists. They do not seek to replace them, they seek to complement them, while increasing people's well-being.

HULA HOP Smart Fitness Hoop allows you to shape your waist and strengthen your abs from the comfort of your home. Practicing and mastering the hula hoop technique is a great way to train your abdominal, oblique, and hip muscles.


  • Waist and abdomen shaping massage
  • Digital counting display
  • Adjustable size
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance


Shape your waist and abdomen from the comfort of your home with the new HULA-HOP Smart Fitness Hoop. Helps tone your muscles, improve energy levels, balance and coordination, reduce stress. Increases cardiovascular endurance by the amount of constant movements that are practiced. The hula fit is a vestibular exercise that connects directly with the labyrinthine system of the middle ear, which translates into better balance and coordination of the body.

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