ANANDA Massage chair (2018 new model)

Colour: Black

  •  2D-SHIATSU massage system in the back with 6 types of massage: kneading, flapping, tapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu and stretching.
  • AIRBAGS-COMPRESSION massage system with 23 airbags.
  • Vibrating massage on the seat.

2 YEARS Official Warranty by Global Relax

  • Black
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The ANANDA Massage Chair offers all the characteristics of a high-end massage chair at a very affordable price.

It has a 2D system with 4 massage heads. The massage system can be applied to any point on our back as it covers a maximum length of 73cm and a width of up to 21cm.

The ANANDA massage chair offers different types of massage. The main system with the massage heads offers up to 5 different methods: Shiatsu - Kneading - Flapping - Tapping - Simultaneous Kneading/Flapping Massage. They can be combined in 7 different automatic massage programmes and 3 manual massage programmes. In addition, it has a vibrating massage in the seat and a comprehensive air bag massage system (with 1 injector, 5 air valves and 23 air bags).

All the features of the ANANDA Massage Chair will help you to obtain the following benefits: Fatigue recovery - Boosts blood circulation - Muscle relaxation - Reduces muscle tension - Soothes muscle pain - Relieves nerve pain.

With the ANANDA Massage Chair, now you have no excuse not to enjoy a high-end massage chair at a very affordable price in your home!


Data sheet

Massage System
3D Massage
Changeable Heads
Massage Heads
4 Heads
Het Configuratiescherm
Control Panel
Default Massages (Memo)
Yes; 3 (M3)
Massage Modes
Auto Modes
7 Modes
Kneading Massage
Manual Massage Modes
3 Modes
Massage System
Extra Massage System
Magnet Therapy
Seat Vibration
Zero Gravity
Zero Space
Rear Security Sensor
Package measurements (width x length x height)
76 x 90 x 120 cms.
88 kgs.


Enjoy with COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND of your purchase, since all GLOBAL RELAX products are under the OFFICIAL WARRANTY for 2 YEARS for manufacturing defects, in compliance with the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, according to R.D.L. 1/2007, of November 16th.


GLOBAL RELAX products are manufactured under strict quality standards. At GLOBAL RELAX we COMPLETELY TRUST our products, that is why we offer the Warranty Extension for an additional period of 3 YEARS.