Zen Shaper Plus


ZEN SHAPER PLUS Vibration plate  (2018 new model)

     - Body Shaper Trainer

     - 3 auto massage modes and 10 manual

     - MP3 Audio with musical synchronisation

     - Equipped with elastic fitness tapes to do many and exercises

     - Wireless Bracelet

2 YEARS Official Warranty by Global Relax

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ZEN SHAPER PLUS has a platform with a unique design (patented) divided into 3 areas depending on the exercise you want to do: walking - jogging - running.

According to the exercise mode you choose, the intensity of the table's vibrating movement will change. In addition, the calculation of the calories burnt by your body and the distance covered (in kilometres) will vary.

The ZEN SHAPER PLUS has 3 automatic modes and up to 10 manual modes. These modes can also be combined with many fitness and gym exercises explained in the Operating Manual (standing up, lying down, arm-shoulder-leg stretches, leg and arm flexes, expanding exercises, etc.)

To do a wide range of exercises, the ZEN SHAPER PLUS has fitness elastic bands and expanders to make any type of movement easier. Thanks to dozens of stretching options with these bands, you can shape your body healthily, increase your bone density, boost your cardio-respiratory system, strengthen your calves and knees, correct your spinal column, etc.

With the ZEN SHAPER PLUS vibrating table, tone your body in no time: after only 5 minutes, you can achieve the same toning effect that you would from running 1 kilometre.

The vibrating table helps boost blood circulation in any part of the body, as well as relaxing the muscles in the legs, thighs, buttocks, back and shoulders.

Thanks to the vibrating massage, it also helps to mobilise the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and buttocks, toning the waist and outlining the hips.

The ZEN SHAPER PLUS can be controlled easily with the multicolour LED control panel on the massage platform. It has an elegant wireless band to control all the functions, so you don't have to bend down all the time.



Data sheet

Massage Type
Heat by Infrared
Package measurements (width x length x height)
84 x 45 x 24 cms.
20 kgs.

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Enjoy with TOTAL RELIEF of your purchase, as all GLOBAL RELAX products are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 2 YEARS on manufacturing defects, in compliance with European legislation (Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 25, 1999, on certain aspects of the sale and guarantees of consumer goods).   

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GLOBAL RELAX products are manufactured under strict quality standards. At GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, which is why we wish to offer our Customers the possibility of enjoying an extension of the Initial Guarantee for an additional period of 3 YEARS, with numerous additional advantages.   



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Tres bon produit qui correspond a mes attentes

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Je pense qu'une garantie de deux ans pour l'appareil que j'ai acheté est suffisante

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Gerät funktioniert gut. Ist leise

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